Submitted by Heidi K.

My Ultimate Leap of Faith began prior to Lent in February 2015. I was distressed, harassed, oppressed, broke, bills higher than I had been able to afford in years. Through the strength and courage given to me by Jesus and Journey Community Church, I was able to completely change my situation. I sold my condo home of 22 ½ years in La Mesa and moved into a house in Globe, Arizona with a fenced yard for my dog, Adela. I am working on resolving other debt I had incurred. I had never lived outside of San Diego area since I was a baby. I have experienced so many challenges. Some I will highlight.
The president of the HOA had harassed me for four years. She had screamed at me, put preposterous accusations upon me, and even went as far as to file a restraining order on me after she knew I had listed my home for sale and planned on getting away from the situation. The HOA monthly dues had increased to $311 per month while the grounds were not properly maintained or repaired. Another neighbor and her family had robbed the peace and quiet of the community for over a year. During this time the problems were projected onto me and obscenities were screamed at me nearly daily for months. I would go back in my home and pray. Later police would be at my door as she had called accusing me of being the one to cause the problem. This happened numerous times. Then she filed a restraining order. I do not find the justice system just and looked to God to be my justice. I had to go to court three times while praying about my overall stressful situation and concerned that my finances were running out.
Along the way, I had several other problems and issues to contend with. In November, I broke a finger. In January I had bronchitis. In February, I lost a pet rabbit. Having been in my home so long, it was difficult to pack, to put it lightly.
On February 20, 2015, I moved to Globe, Arizona. On March 11, 2015, my condo closed escrow. On March 18, 2015, I wrote a check from the proceeds of the sale of my condo to pay off the house my dad graciously helped secure. On March 20, 2015, the restraining orders were dismissed.
People ask me why I chose Globe, Arizona. I say, “For peace.” I enjoy telling them how desperate my situation was and how God lead me to Globe, Arizona and the house with a yard for my dog, Adela. I was praying with the map on my lap. I said, “God. Okay, Arizona. But Arizona is so big. Please direct me where to go.” I looked up, closed my eyes, prayed some more, looked down, and when I opened my eyes, all I could see was the word “Globe” and it seemed to pop out of the page and I could see nothing else.
The journey was so difficult and traumatic. Each and every day, and several times a day, I thank God for bringing me to a place where peace is literal and real. Beginning Easter, I have a new chance to make ends meet and stay within my means. And the three pet rabbits are in the Arizona room. I am exploring new churches and spreading the Gospel of Journey’s Leap of Faith. Hiking trails are as close as two miles from my home. My situation has completely changed. With this new found freedom, I anticipate being even more of the person God intended me to be. Thanks be to God.