This weekend (tomorrow night for some of us) we launch our new series called “Hey Jude”.
It is a 3-weekend look at the book of Jude & we’re going to have some fun with the Beatles connection.

Let me offer a few suggestions to get a little more out of the series.

If you need motivation or if you missed it, watch the promo video again from last weekend. It’s great! Dan Stevers strikes again! [youtube=]

Read the book through 5x in 5 different translations of the Bible. Make sure you include a couple of word for word translations (NASB updated, ESV) and a couple of more meaning for meaning translations (a.k.a. dynamic equivalence). Make sure you read the Message & TNIV. The Catholic translation called The New American Bible is a really good translation.

Jude may be short but it is pretty complicated, so there will be questions that you may have as you read Jude that we don’t get to. Feel free to bring them up via the comment part of the Blog or email me & maybe we can put them in next week’s blog.

Finally bring your phone to the service & keep it on. We came up with a fun idea this week. YOU can vote on the Beatles song you would like our band to perform the last weekend of the series. If you want to get a leg up, email, facebook or blog comment on Rod’s blog or this one & tell us WHY you think your suggestion would be a great idea.

Looking forward to this weekend.