spring break

Hey High School students, we have 3 really fun opportunities for you to bond with us during spring break.

LIP SYNC BATTLE:  On Wednesday, March 23 from 6-9pm.  We have an awesome night of food and fun with our annual Lip Sync Battle.  If you wanna just come and laugh or even be a participant, you can sign up here.  Cost for dinner and the event is $5.

SUN VALLEY SPORTS DAY:  On Thursday, March 24 from 10-4pm we have an all day event at Sun Valley Golf right across the freeway from JCC in La Mesa.  We’re doing 3 events.  Ghetto Golf, Foot Golf, and Frisbee Golf.   Even if you are not great at anything golf related, you’ll love this day.  All your supplies and a nice lunch are included in the $20 Fee.  You can sign up for that here.

MT HELIX HEAVENLY BREAKFAST:  Lastly, If you wan to start your Good Friday our right, then we have the perfect plan for you.  Meet us at JCC at 8am and we’re going to go to Mt Helix and do some prayer stations and then to a local house for a lovely breakfast.  Bonding and Breakfast are $5.  Prayer is free.  You can sign up here.