I just read this on Sacred Spaces. I love the perspective.
Something to think and pray about this week

Holy Week is unlike any other week in the Church’s year. It begins with the illusory triumph of Palm Sunday, when Jesus is hailed as a celebrity in his own city of Jerusalem. It leads through the betrayal of Judas (remembered on ‘Spy Wednesday’), and the farewells of Thursday (called ‘Maundy Thursday’ after the Mandatum, the command to love one another), the humiliations, tortures and death on Good Friday, to the victory over death on Resurrection Morning. Nearly every human life will include some of those experiences. This week we can identify with the Lord each step of the way from the Mount of Olives to Calvary. When it comes to the resurrection, the imagination boggles, yet it is the centre of our faith. Lord, teach me to love my face and body, my temple of the Holy Spirit. It will grow old and die with me, but that is not the end. My body is sacred, and Easter opens a window for it and me onto a mysterious but endless vista.

You can check out Sacred Space as a prayer guide run by a Jesuit community in Ireland here.