As you can tell from the title of this post it was a crazy weekend! I’ve blogged about this phrase on more than one occasion, but it was a “THIS IS CHURCH” weekend.

“THIS IS CHURCH” is kind of Hyble-ism (Bill Hybles, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church has influenced us / me greatly largely through the Global Leadership Summit that is his brainchild). TIC describes those moments when the beauty and dare I say even the glory of God’s dream for the church peak through all our humanness, our fallenness.

MY JOURNEY – I heard it three times, and each time, Rick’s story brought tears to my eyes. By the 11:00 service on Sunday, I needed a moment to gather myself. I love, love LOVE the power of Jesus to change lives, I love His Grace. I love it when it really grips someone’s heart. If you somehow missed this last weekend, podcast it for this story! Seriously! It’s too cool for me to even go into here.

“HOW TO DISAGREE” Acts 15 – It’s not a matter of IF but HOW we will disagree. I marvel at how they were actually able to leverage this disagreement into increased momentum when for us it usually grinds things to a halt. I had fun pondering this all week.


BEACH BAPTISM PARTY – Party it was!!! Take a look at these pics! THIS IS CHUCH!