One would have to try pretty hard to find two movies with more of a contrasting feel than our 1st God at the movies selection, The Blindside and this week’s film, The Hurt Locker.

There were a lot of challenges. If Blindside is inspirational, Hurt Locker is gut wrenching. Lots of people asked before the weekend, “how are you going to find a redemptive thread in THAT?” Make no mistake, it was a challenge, but maybe not the kind you would think. We have to remember that not all of the Bible is inspirational, upbeat. There are long sections of it that give you a view of this broken world in HD. So in many ways, Hurt Locker, a movie set in a chaotic, tragic, frustrating, dangerous place is a gold mine to preach the other half. We ended up talking a lot about “the Fall of Man” and the resultant cures on the earth itself.

Honestly, I loved this movie. It’s an amazing and moving movie. But I also freely admit that it was hard to watch.

Next week we’ll be looking at Up In The Air