Unlike most people, I love Mondays. It probably is because, like a good chunk of the pastor types out there, Monday is my day off. Most of us are pretty shot after Sundays. Today was a great Monday.

  • It started w/ an initial little prayer time in the back yard with God & Bob (our cat – he’s an indoor cat since Chuck, his predecessor was eaten by coyotes RIP). I let Bob run around the back yard, which has awesome views of some of the mountains around our casa.
  • I made my one & only thing I can cook for my wife & daughter Charissa b/f they rushed off to work.
  • Then I was back in the WATER!!! Today was the day I was cleared to go back in after a 2-week lay off due to the rebreaking of my nose (see pic). The great thing about surfing on Monday is that most people are working so it’s usually fairly uncrowded, esp. before schools let out.
Right out of the hospital April 3
  • Lunch with David – we try & connect every week. We talk about music & anything else he wants. Every now & then something significant comes up.
  • Afternoon of reading & journaling – today I’m going over the 3 “lead where you are” reflective questions I laid out in the message yesterday. I’m planning to finish up the book “The Shack” (really good novel – I’m sure I’ll write on it later)
  • Dinner with the fam – this is one of the few nights we have a quorum of people home for dinner.
  • Tonight – I’m banished to my office (by my own choice) as my wife dominates the TV watching Dancing with the Stars. (Hopefully I can sneak in a few minutes of the Lakers game – get out the brooms, we’re sweeping the Nuggets tonight!).


Hope you had a good Monday!