Riptidians and Parents of these crazy kiddos!!!!
Jarred here-  I just wanted to get you in the loop for the next season of Riptide.  We have so much going on and we don’t want you to miss out!

Ash Wednesday Worship Night.  –Wed March 5th6:30-8:30p
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and so we are having a Generation Worship Night.  Edge56, Riptide, and Encounter will be gathered together to worship and experience God in a unique, experiential way.  Our awesome WinterCamp band will be there Leading us in Music as we will kick off this 40 day season towards Easter, focusing a bit on the “Leap of Faith” concept.

Gulry&Burly.  –Saturday April 5th  10:00a-7:00p  $25
Girls hanging out with girls and Guys hanging out with guys.  This a non-stop day of adventures around San Diego.

Riot Night.  –Friday May 2nd   10:00a-7:00p  $5
A bunch of churches… Hundreds of middle schoolers… Controlled Chaos.  It’s a Riot.  Join us for only $5 for giant inflatables, finger rocket wars, gaga ball, cajabe can-can, music and a message, plus a ton more!

Help Us Help You.  –Saturday May 17th  Early until Afternoon
Help Us raise money for student Ministries and for camp scholarships by doing yard work with friends and maybe some other fun stuff.  Have a blast and get dirty for a good cause.

Thousand Pines Summer Camp.  –Sunday June 29th– Friday July 4th   $389
We are going to Thousand Pines Summer Camp once again for a full week of community and seeking God.  This is a week packed full of adventure, games, team challenges, music and time learning about the life that Jesus has to offer for us!
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Also— you can take off $100 if you serve at our Summer Fun Camp!!!

Summer Fun Camp (La Mesa).  –Monday July 7th – Friday July 11th  May 17th
This is a day camp that Journey Community Church provides for kindergarteners through sixth grade.  Riptide will be serving as counselors and volunteers to help bless those that are younger than us.  Come and see how God can use you in the lives of others.
Plus— if you didn’t catch it before… serving here takes $100 off of Thousand Pines Camp!!!

This Is My Story.  –Our Current Weekend Series  …up to Easter
Everybody has a story… However, nobody has the same story.  There are certain things in life that we experience that seem to define us.  Differentiate us from others.  There are certain things that changed the way we think… Certain things that changed the way we act.  Key moments in our lives that we would claim as a part of Our Story.  But what would happen if My Story affected Your Story… If Your Story shaped My Story… and If God’s Story became Our Story.

Upgrade (Promotion Sunday).  –August 17th
Just a heads up that this weekend we will be promoting students to their next grade/ ministry space.  Pretty bittersweet.

I hope that this is helpful.
Looking forward to this season!