It seems to me like this weekend was about 8 days long with the amount of stuff that got jammed into it.

•    DAVID NOBLE… HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE! On Friday morning, our son David graduated from Grossmont High School. I have witnesses! I’m going to blog about this family milestone separately.

Fam Grad photo
•    GOD AT THE MOVIES 2 – The PEOPLE’S CHOICE movie was featured this week as we looked at Iron Man. There was way more in the film than I expected. Here’s a cool story about the message:


one of our prayer warriors who is a little older than me, gave me an article that she was quite passionate about. I get given a lot of stuff to read. Honestly, most of it, I just don’t get around to. The title of this one was “Repentance, the Gateway to Holiness.” Frankly, the title seemed less than appealing. But I noticed it was by John White who is a really good thinker writer. As I’m about to round file this article along with a bunch of other clutter, I decide to throw it into the file of stuff that I bring to the gym. I pulled it out on Tuesday intending to get the gist from page 1 & toss it. The article was perfect for the message. It was as if someone had done some advanced message prep for me. The quote from Finny was from the article.

•    BLESS YOU PRISON – I hope you all liked the long Solzhenitsyn, quote from Gulag Archipelago. I loved it.
•    SELAH – We were doing a run of songs that were clearly faith-building songs. I asked for people who felt prompted by the Spirit to share stories of God’s faithfulness. It was so cool to hear of MIRACLES, legit miracles, all over the place that I had no idea about it. As the evening was ending a friend who has a strong prophetic gifting (sometimes I think she is reading my journal when she has a word for me) had a Word for Journey that was very cool.
•    LAKERS UP 2-0. One dominating blow out (loved it) and one bullet dodging overtime win (better to be lucky than good, best to be both). I love the intensity of the NBA finals. I love it more when the Lakers are in the finals, especially when they are winning. Go Lakers.
•    SD IS FUN – Saturday was one of those days when you go, “O yeah, San Diego is cool”. It was beautiful with good waves and lots of friends, which kind of makes it even more fun. For me it’s a great opportunities to make the ask & invite guys who are far from God to check out Journey.

I’m heading out to the desert for a little solitude as soon as I get this posted. Have a great couple of days.