When I was a kid my favorite day of the year was Christmas. Hands down! I had so many wonderful things come my way – road race sets, train sets, toy guns that made my room look like an armed camp, GI Joe Action Figures (not dolls!).

It kind of feels like Christmas.
•    The NBA Playoffs started today!
•    The Lakers are looking good. Andrew Bynum is back & fitting in already. Kobe is so focused. Trevor Ariza  is playing great.
•    The Celtics as of this writing have already lost their opener in their series against the Bulls.
•    Fun, but small Surf Session today
•    The Friday Service was great – I’ll blog more about this on Monday, but it was a fun service & there was some good ministry afterwards by our prayer team.
•    My friend Butch Whitely along with my prayer buddy Barry Ayers told me to bring my car back to get the door fixed that has had an ugly dent in it for about a year. I didn’t want to turn it in to the insurance co since the dent came from me backing into Linda. Nice!  I’m convinced that Butch can build or fix anything on the planet. I’m surprised they haven’t asked him to take his toolbox to the economy.


He actually let me “help” – I got a cookie for being a “good helper”


Looking better. Next weekend… the final painting!


•    NFL draft is next Saturday. I love the Draft. It’s like a breath of air when you are being held under the way to long wave of baseball.  I like baseball, but I’ve always thought the season is about 2x as long as it should be to be interesting Any sport in which you can lose 5 games & not have it be a big deal is boring.
•    It’s 85 degrees & will be so for quite a while according to weather.com. It’s been tough enduring the unseasonable days in the 60s. Those of you in the Midwest, we appreciated your prayers last week.

Yes, it feels like Christmas.

p.s. the Yankees suck so far this year! The gifts keep coming.