This email made me laugh. I found it funny on several levels & thought I’d share it with you (with permission of course).

SUBJ: You have achieved celebrity status

Hi Ed,
Now that my two boys are over 18, I think they’ll be okay if I share this with you.
In years past, my two boys ran into you in the men’s room at church. (Everyone’s gotta go.) They had to immediately tell me — “I saw Ed Noble and he talked to me! He said, “Hey there. How ya doin’?” Two different boys, two different occasions, same wonderment and admiration. They were star-struck!
Thanks for making their day. I love that they can see that a guy can be cool and have a relationship with God at the same time.
By the way, I love the God at the Movies series (I know you don’t) — sorry. But then again, I love just about all your sermons.
Many blessings!
Rebecca McDaniel

Thanks, Rebecca for making me smile with this email