I just checked weather.com to see what the temp really is here.

30… That’s THREE – ZERO, THIRTY Fahrenheit.

So just for the heck of it, I checked what it is in my zip code.

80 – yes we’re talking a 50-degree difference.

I’m happy to be here though. This is a great high school ministry. I’m privileged to be a part of it for a weekend.

As most of you know, I lived & ministered here in Omaha for 8 years. It was a big difference coming from the OC, but I grew a lot here & came to really appreciate this place. I think a lot of us Californians, esp those who live in SD, can be a little provincial. It was good for us to live in another part of the country. God did some amazing things here & I’m still close friends with a lot of people here.

I could do without the 50-degree differential, but it’s a little bit of a “welcome back… wimp!