Submitted by Janis M.

When Leap of Faith started, I had no idea who I could put in my 6 or if I could even do it (or wanted to do it) at all. The people closest to me already knew some of the emphasis of God in my life. None of them go to church. We never just sat and discussed what God has been doing in my life and how I think it would be a good thing for them to try as well. When I tried to speak of something like that, they always got sour faces or changed the subject. So I never pushed it any more directly. I decided since I was already praying for these people, I would just pray for them as my 6! Two birds with one stone, right???

Last week, out of the blue, an opportunity sprang up for me to ask EACH of them to come with me to an Easter service!! Long story short, they ALL agreed to come!! Talk about a PRAISE!!

Of course they each chose a different service to attend, so I will be getting a LOT of Easter this year! (And not minding it a bit, Ed!)

But Ed reminded us in his talk today that there are still THREE weeks before Easter! The thought exploded through my head, “That’s how long I have been praying for these people as my 6!” Even though my original 6 will still need a lot prayer coverage until then, I still had just as much time to add more people to my list! Onward!! Apparently God’s number for me is larger than 6! I am going to need more stones.

I am very EXCITED!!!