Jarred’s TOP 5 List of Things to do this summer!

1. Riptide’s Summer Camp at Thousand Pines- June 24-29

This summer once again we are going Thousand Pines.  Something incredible happens when we leave the normal and the routine and seek God together as a community.  When we release ourselves from our normal pressures, from stress, from the mundane, from technology, and allow space for grace, space to connect with God, we find that he was with us the whole time trying to ignite passion into our stories.



2. Serving at Summer Fun Camp- July 10-13

We are always looking for mature, servant like, fun students to help as camp counselors for our La Mesa Summer Camp.  What a great opportunity to make an impact in the lives of those younger than us.
(Also a great way to earn $100 towards Riptide Camp). Apply here




3. Host a Life Group Gathering

Just because your Riptide Life Group is finished does not mean that you have to stop meeting together.  We have found that a couple times together throughout the summer goes a long way. Keep it simple. Have people over to your house or meet somewhere. Share a meal. Share what’s going on. Read a story from the Scriptures. Pray for each other.



4. Hope For The Homeless

HFTH meets every Friday night to make PB&J sandwiches and to go downtown, serve and have conversations with those living on the streets of San Diego.  Go as a family or alone with the team and check out what God can teach us when we put love those around us. Learn more



5. Balboa Park FREE Museum Tuesday

Did you know that every Tuesday there are FREE museums that you can go to down in Balboa Park?  Plan a picnic, bring some food and drinks, and some stuff to throw around (just not while you’re in the museums). Find museum schedule here.