I received this very honest email from a friend who shared with me her “JESUS CREED MOMENT”. She gave me permission to share it with you, so here goes…

Hi Ed,
I had a God moment a couple of weeks ago, before we started the Jesus Creed, that really impressed on my heart the importance of the “love one another” aspect. It touched me so deeply, I had no choice but to blog about it, and wanted to share it with you…

Thanks for all you do,
Jenny Gillespie
1 Simple Act

For those who know me, know that I can get spun up pretty easily. Yes, today was a day that could have been a very spun day… It all started w/ getting my 2nd grader to school ON TIME, but found that parking was a challenge, not the usual situation… our school is located on a Catholic Church campus. When I told my 2nd grader that she would have to be left off at the drive-thru, she melted down and I was forced to park and walk her in. In the mean time we just about got run over by several people who were evidently learning to drive TODAY! She would not run to get to her class, she was just being plain stubborn… When I got to my car to leave, I found that one of those people who were just learning to drive left me exactly 6 inches to get into my car… I had to get into mine through the passenger door…. I was fuming as I drove away dodging barely controlled vehicles.

On my return trip to the school, for my 1/2 day Kindergartner, I was a cool cucumber… UNTIL I got a block from the school and some yahoo pulls out like he is going to turn left and decides to drive the wrong way right in front of my… I stopped quickly only to pray that the people stopped behind me too…. Did I mention that there are a lot of people who are learning to drive today???? Well, I get to the school to find that not much has changed in the parking lot from this morning, still the madness and craziness… I realized that today is the Feast of the Epiphany, which is a huge thing for the Catholic Church and EVERYONE brings their children to be Christened and blessed… thus the craziness in the parking lot… STILL does this really need to happen during school hours? Just wondering…. As I navagated my way from the school parking lot… did I mention that a lot of people are learning to drive today??? I get to a stop light where a police escort stops traffic for a funeral procession, it must have been at least 1/2 mile long. I am somewhat sympathetic for this interruption in my day, but it does not stop me from reeling about my past adventures in the day…. I come to the conclusion that I am so completely done living in Little Baghdad….

Just as I am starting to steam, I get to an intersection where I see a homeless man whom I have seen often, and then a little blue Prius pulls into the parking lot next to where he is, I assume he is going into the liquor store. The homeless man comes up to the Prius, I think what an annoyance… Again, I am done with this pathetic area…. Then something unexpected happens…

The man in the Prius gets out of his car and opens his trunk to give the homeless man a sack lunch, 3 oranges and several water bottles… I couldn’t believe my reaction, I started sobbing… My got moment I suppose. How selfish have I become to really ignore people and assume MY time and convenience is more important than theirs. I have been ignoring the creations that GOD has made them to be for the sake of me… ALL of my inconveniences today all relate to my selfishness… Lord help me to become more patient with ALL of Your creations, and help me to be the person You want me to be!

Genesis 1:27
So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them

…and now back to cupcake duty