The last two weekends we had the privilege of having our friend (my friend since Seminary / Grad School days in the early 80s)


John Lynch speak at Journey. John is unique and different and yet fits perfectly at Journey. When John and I talked about what he would speak on when he came to Journey this summer, I pretty much demanded that he re-do his message on “FORGIVENESS”. After that, he could do whatever he wanted. It’s such a powerful message, we may have him just do that every time he comes to Journey. We’ll see. But the 2nd one, was determined when we stated talking about how we are inviting him to speak into and help shape the culture of Journey Community Church. He ended up choosing to do the talk on “OBEDIENCE”.

It was a powerful weekend. Here are a few more pics…





Here are the slides that went with this great talk: (Thanks Tony and Tech team)

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