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Riptide’s Winter Camp is right around the corner and space is limited.  Turn in your nonrefundable $50 deposit to guarantee you a spot for camp.

So here’s the details:

Winter Camp’s teaching topic:  “JUMP!”

When:  Friday, January 16th, 5:00pm meeting at Pine Valley-Sunday, January 18th 2pm Journey Parking Lot
Where:  Pine Valley Bible Camp
Cost:    $125 gets you lodging, meals and fun for the weekend.  Paintball $15 extra is an optional activity not included in the price.

Jumping requires a lot of faith.  Jumping over something requires faith you will clear it. Jumping over something requires faith it will hold you when you land.  It’s no wonder many of the stories in the Bible that talk about big faith actions involve people jumping.

We’ll be talking about what it means to be fully committed to the life God desires for us.  We will look at how leaps of faith can change us and the people around us.

Are you ready to JUMP into the life God has planned for you?  If so, here’s the link:  Winter Camp 2015 Form

Also if you need financial help here’s the scholarship link: Riptide Scholarship Application Form

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact either Jarred or Pam by phone 619-464-4544 or e-mail.

Jarred – jarred@journeycom.org
Pam – pam@journeycom.org