You were created for more.

Let’s start there.  You were created for more.

However, most often in life, things become pretty typical, routine, mundane… even boring at times.

But the truth is… You were created for more.

Placed deep inside each and every one of us, is a sense of wonder, of expectation, of worth, of greatness, and RISK.

Often when we try something for the first time, when we stand out, when we climb to new heights… we are met with distracting shouts and told, “Get down from there.”  “Be careful.” “Watch Out” “Not too high.”

In turn, there are very few moments in life when all eyes are on you.  When you stand out.  When you make a scene.  When people wonder, what are you going to do next?

You were created for more… we all know it.  But we’re just waiting for someone to lead the way.

So tighten up your shoelaces, and get ready to Jump.


DATES: January 13-15

PRICING: Early bird special- $135  //////  Regular Registration- $150 (After Dec 11th)

LOCATION:  Pine Valley Conference Center  //////  8668 Pine Creek Rd, Pine Valley, CA 91962

Led by Riptide Junior High Ministries

SIGN UP HERE: Riptide Winter Camp 2017