We had a fun and unusually great weekend at Journey.

  • We launched a new series, the Christmas series called Kenosis
  • We had an unplugged worship session that was really cool
  • Tony Young, CEO of American Red Cross spent the night in a tent in our parking lot and was with us for all 3 services.
  • We continued to celebrate Advent (something kind of new to Journey) lighting the 2nd Candle of Advent.




I love our partnership with American Red Cross. Journey has become an official ARC shelter and have over 180 certified / trained people (with badges… we need those stinking badges). It was great to hear Tony share some vision with us as both a leader in the community and fellow follower of Jesus. BTW – we had 50 more people sign up to get trained and volunteer with the ARC over the weekend – love this church!





I’ve been second guessing myself for doing a series leading into Christmas with a title you have to know Greek to understand. Of course it’s right out of Philippians 2 and is a huge behind the scenes look at Christmas and in some ways secret of life. Kenosis, emptying is both what Jesus did and what he calls us to.



Followers of Jesus for centuries have tried to enter into the experience of Christmas through the weeks of Advent. One Journey-ite is writing great Advent thoughts and devotions for us that are on the back of the outline. I’m loving this. Use the writings to help you enter into the depths and the wonder of the incarnation of the Son of God.


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Now is the time to be getting your invite on. Christmas Eve services are going to be epic and your friends are more ready than you think for you to extend that welcome!