The KENOSIS series is going in a strange way better than I thought. I really was 2nd guessing myself right before we launched: a Christmas series from a part of the Bible people don’t associate with Christmas, named for a Greek word that most people don’t know. But on the other hand, the stuff we’re talking about is eminently practical. This weekend we talked about “emptying” of “being right!”


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We also featured Josh Lawson’s my Journey via video. I love his risky faith, his willingness to follow Jesus into the scary place, out on the wire without a net if you will. We are so proud of Josh!



I love that we have featured ADVENT in our services and “Advent Devotionals” on the back of the outline. Our newest addition to our pastoral staff, Lance Grush, lea us in our advent thought this weekend. The mystery of the Kenosis, the Incarnation of the Son of God is one of the great and deepest mysteries the scripture holds out to us. For centuries the followers of Jesus had set aside some weeks to prep and frankly to get our head around this great season!




I’m so stoked for our FOUR BIG CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES! Let’s get our INVITE ON! The services are going to be awesome. Invite! Serve! Park far away! Enjoy and Worship!