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Kingdom Come. A Series on Worship

A time is coming where worship will happen everywhere.  A time is coming where through worship, spirit is revealed.  Where through worship, truth is revealed.  A time is coming when true worshippers will connect with the Father in such a way that freedom happens.  Healing. Love. Hope. Warmth. Grace. Peace. Goodness. Faith. Life…. Will come.

I’ve seen it happen.  I’ve seen people be freed from depression, be healed of disease, be reconciled with those that they hate, be released from years that have haunted them.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve seen what happens when we worship Him.  The One.  Our King…. I have seen what happens… when his Kingdom Comes.


Join us as we hear from some of Journey’s own Worship Leaders.

Jan 25 Kingdom Come – Tim Martin

Feb 1 Kingdom Come – Adam Toth

Feb 8 Kingdom Come – …

Feb 15 Kingdom Come- Pause Worship Experience –Experiential hands on interaction Worship