The blog silence is lifted.
I apologize for the two or three weeks of bloglessness. I’ve been busy blah blah. But we’re back!

This last weekend was one of those really full, really good weekends.

VINTAGE US, the longest series we’ve ever done entered Week 8. We were looking at the account in Acts 6 or the Apostles giving away leadership. Vintage Us, the original pristine Us sans the baggage that the word “church” has picked up, was an “outsiders movement” from the get go. It was a fun message. Of course the best part of the message was showing the video of beered up Philly fan getting tazed while running onto the field this summer.

WORSHIP ROCKED – We always have powerful worship, but this week it seemed like it just took off from the moment we hit the first note.

BABY DEDICATION – Sometimes this is a manifestation of “cultural Christianity” a passing nod to God, a hold-over of tradition. For us at Journey it seems to me that this is always a Holy Spirit laden moment full of the presence of God. I love this.
Here’s a bunch of great pics. (BTW – I’m posting all the pics our photographer sent me)

WOOLEY MAMMAL CONCERT – On Saturday night some of us checked out my son David and his band. That was cool. I know I’m biased, but I think they are really good. Check out their website and download songs FREE here.

FINALLY BACK IN THE H2O – It was fun to get in the water on Saturday.