This was an epic day at the Leadership Summit! It sounds pretty unoriginal to say this, but I still think Bill Hybles is unmatched when he gets going on vision & when his passion for the local church opens up. This morning’s session had a couple of VERY ANOINTED GOD MOMENTS.
Then Gary Haugen delivered a talk about leading when what God is asking us to do seems HOPELESS, SCARY & HARD. He had a masterful analogy God’s call to a steeper climb. There is a keeper for life statement that people in the American church desperately need to hear… ready??? (Drum roll)
Jesus didn’t come to make us safe… He came to make us BRAVE!

BAMB!!!! Worth the price of the Summit right there. This is a systemic perspective problem in the church in the USA.

I had to take a break to work on the message so I grudgingly missed the interview with Wendy Kopp.

The day finished with back-to-back talks by John Burke & Efrem Smith – 2 guys that in different contexts are doing church in a way that makes sense in light of our current cultural realities.
John Burke wrote the best book on church I’ve read in a while called “No Perfect People Allowed”. It was the most true to Journey church book I’ve come across. I was anxious to hear him & can’t wait for the Q & A with him tomorrow.
Efrem Smith is building a racially / ethnically /socioeconomically diverse church in Minneapolis.

One more reflection: our volunteers ROCK! Alex is doing a fantastic job with her whole team. The effort and sacrifice are inspiring!