Congratulations on completing Leap of Faith. Of course, our leap of faith is not actually over, just our reading through Mark and talking about our prayers together. God has shown up in big ways. Some of us have been encouraged and some of have been challenged by our leaps. This experience has surfaced real issues in our relationship with God. Some of those issues have been resolved in amazing ways while others have not and many of you are in the midst figuring it all out. It is our prayer for all of us that this experience has drawn us closer to Jesus over the past forty days. I wanted to remind you of the goals we laid out in the beginning of this. There were 5 for you:

1) That you experience at least one concrete gift from God.
2) That you experience an even-deeper joy as you find your purpose in
God’s work here on earth.
3) That you grow spiritually more than you have in any other six-week period of your life.
4) That you see some of your friends and family experience God in new ways.
5) That, because of these six weeks, you dive deeper into what God is doing here at Journey.
As you move into this final reflection, it’s our hope that you have seen real movement in at least some of these areas.


Take a few moments to reflect on your Leap of Faith experience. You may also listen to the podcast to guide your time of reflection.

What has been most rewarding in reading this devotional?

What have you learned reading through Mark?

How have you seen your faith grow during Leap of Faith?

Do you think you have seen any change in you as a result of these six weeks?

What did you experience or what answers to prayer did you get:

For You?

For your 6?

For our church?

Did you make any new decisions or are you staring any new disciplines or habits because of your involvement in Leap of Faith?