I received an email this week that I thought was worth sharing. It’s from a friend of mine who is a part of Journey. Her son is in Afghanistan.

How about if you read it, say a prayer & then I’ll point out a couple of prayer insights from this email.

Hi Ed

I’m really feeling the need for prayer for Alan. I sent a prayer
request in, but wanted to let you know what’s going on.

We aren’t able to hear from him much; he finally called Jerrilynn
after 5 weeks of nothing. The call 5 weeks ago he said he just got
out of quarantine with the flu and a 105 fever, so for 5 weeks we
didn’t know if he was still sick or if he was better. He says he is
feeling better now.

He called Saturday, which was good to finally hear form him. He isn’t
able to tell us much so he uses code and hints. The living
conditions over there are primitive at best. They live in tents,
sleep on cots, have no running water for showers or laundry and the
temp reaches 120 or higher. They also carry 80 lbs. of gear
everywhere they go. They don’t have internet connections so we can’t

He can’t tell us exactly where he is (he’s not getting our mail or
packages) but he said to be sure to keep watching the news. That’s
his way of telling us he is in the middle of all the action going on
over there.

I just feel a strong sense of urgency in asking everyone to keep
praying for him and all the guys over there. Pray for safety,
physical and mental health, that he feels God’s presence blanketing
him and continually seeks Him and that he has wisdom in treating the
wounded so they can all return safely.

Also please pray for all of us here to have strength and to feel
God’s love for us. It is so hard knowing he is there going through
all of this. I miss him so much. It is with God’s loving arms
wrapped around me that I get through this.


I’m sure you can feel the pathos of this email. I am putting myself in her place, imagining it was one of my 3 kids in Alan’s place. Ken & Kim & I have prayed with tears about this several times. Lord, hear our prayers for Alan!

But there’s also a thing or 3 that we could learn from Kim.
1.    When you feel the prompting to pray & enlist prayer, don’t delay! Prayer is a lot about timing. Most of the cool “answered prayer” stories you’ve ever heard would have never happened if the person waited to pray.
2.    We fill the agonizing place of unknowing with God’s presence through prayer. Knowing gives us a sense of control. Not knowing makes us feel out of control & helpless. Prayer helps us to remember & causes us to embrace that our good & all-wise God is always the one in control, that there is nothing better than for Him to “be with” the one we are praying for.
3.    Parenting is “prayer-enting” – forgive the corn. But we never stop praying & bringing our kids before the Lord.

Thanks to Kim for allowing us to be a part of this with her. I am praying for a cool reunion.