I spent the morning at our QUIET TIME WORKSHOP. Here’s the post I wrote real quick while it was going on.

Saturday, January 24, 2009
I’m sitting in our Quiet Time Workshop right now as I write this.
It is a very exciting morning. It’s not too often that I miss a Saturday surf session & am happy about it. But I’m stoked to be here. The room is full & there is a very cool variety of people in the room – young, old, new to Journey, long time church types – 3 people 1st came to church on Christmas Eve – singles, couples.
Here are a few random thoughts
^ I’m so grateful for the team of people that champion, equip & train our people to spend time with God. There is a skill set to being able to meet God in devotional habits. There is a way to be able to hear God speak in the scriptures, to connect with Him in prayer, to be still before Him, to enjoy just hanging out (fellowshipping) with Him.
^ There are a variety of people coming up telling a brief story of how God spoke to them, changed them, healed them in His presence as they were in a quiet time.
^ We are actually doing it – we are practicing lectio divina, listening, journaling
^ The stage is pastor-free – I hate to say this, but sometimes people write stuff off that one says as a pastor because… well because you are a PASTOR. You are a professional, an expert, an advanced student, which of course I am. Just kidding. But so far this morning we’ve had a plumber, a schoolteacher, a salesman and a real estate broker, a carpenter up on the stage so far. All sharing their own stories of God moving in their lives as they have spent time with God in a quiet time.
^ This could change these people, our church… the world! Turning God loose on lives, people seeking God – this will change us & the world. I love this.
^ There is a wonderfully low level of BS – I love that. People are being honest, not pretending to be farther along than they are, sharing real struggles.
^ When we “pass the mic & let people in the crowd share at each juncture it’s great to see the faces of those listening to them. It’s like everyone is cheering each other on.
^ I personally am reinvigorated, encouraged & fired up again for my own quiet times.
I hope that 09 is a year of spending personal time with God.