The series “13” is about having a better year in ’13 and is a look at chapter 13 of the book we’ve been looking at since September. And there is honestly nothing more important for you to have a better year than LOVE!

Worship was landing from the get-go!

Then we started opening up what is really been the subtext, the score, the recurring yet subtle theme of this whole letter of Paul: Love!

The point in this slide seemed to be the one that landed. I won’t go into the whole thing here (get the podcast) but here’s a cool “coincidence”. Before the service I am usually prayed over by 2 people from our community who have been called to and lit on fire for a deep ministry of constant intercession over Journey. They spend HOURS every week in the worship center crying out to the Lord. This weekend they were getting the word “RELEASE”. Not being the sharpest tool in the shed, it took me to the end of the message to make the connection with this point and it ended up being a powerful weekend of release for lots of people.

We ended the service by “holding ourselves in the love of God” at the table to which Jesus unconditionally welcomes us!

Looking forward to one more week in THIRTEEN!