What a ride! The Jesus Creed series has been marked us in a profound way. I hasten to say that it is not over yet. Most of the small groups are still in the JCreed studies and many of us are still working our way through the 40 Days of Living the Jesus Creed devotional book. Of course we’ll never be done living the FORMOST, the Command upon which everything else in the Bible hangs. But the weekend message SERIES wrapped up last weekend.

I was interested in us seeing how at least one of the letters to one of the early churches worked out the Jesus Creed so we looked at Romans 13. Mostly because I think in so many ways it deconstructs our cultural idea of what love is. It was fun and fascinating seeing Paul work out the “fulfillment of the Torah” in a place that was in many ways as far from Jerusalem and Moses as you could get.

I love hearing all the ways that God is stirring amongst us to Love Him and Love our Neighbor. Let’s keep letting the Jesus Creed work its way into the fibers, fabric and rhythms of our lives!

HANGING WITH GREAT PEOPLE – For me the weekend was full of old friends. Coincidentally enough, all of whom in different ways have modeled the J Creed through the years. The connection is from Omaha to Fresno to Ventura to… well you get the point. I love how in their lives Jesus presence flows so naturally and powerfully. Also, Donnie & Barbie have some majorly cute kids!

I’m already looking forward to next weekend!