What is one decision that you know God influenced?

Funny, but the actual decision to come down here to San Diego was fully a God thing. Kelly and I had come to a chapter in our lives in northern California where we were not sure what was to be next. I had a job with a company based in San Diego, but telecommuted. I did not want to move our family just for a job. I wanted the next chapter to be because God was designing. We asked God, “should we move to San Diego?”. He said, “Chill out. I’m doing something”. It wasn’t easy to sit for six months or so, waiting. Sometime later I’m flying from San Diego to San Jose and reading something. God speaks directly and says, “OK. Now say ‘yes’ to your boss and to that realtor guy you met. Watch me do the rest.” I drove home from the airport and told Kelly. She said, “I knew you were going to say that today.” So, eight weeks later we were sitting in our purchased home here in La Mesa – a home that was overpriced for months until that week and we had no competition buying. A home that is perfect for us and for groups to meet. It was also the moment when there was a major shift of management in my company (for which would not have been good if I moved earlier) and when Bill Yaccino came to Journey – a great friend and partner. I’m still discovering crazy timing things that make our move so God-designed.

What is your biggest passion?

My biggest passion is to encourage ordinary people that they are fully capable and qualified to share their “with God” life, and to see God use that sharing to transform others. And, because of that, to be intentionally making friendship with others, with Jesus at the core. Journey is such as wonderful expression of Jesus’ community. What if every person here knew that Jesus trusts them to lead others into “seeing new”, and made an intentional effort to be available to God for that very purpose. To use a bible word, that’s the simplicity of “making disciples” — San Diego would never be the same.

Have you ever taken a leap of Faith?

One that comes to mind is the decision to leave a job in San Jose to go to a start-up. There was no reason forcing me to move on, and the start-up I had no guarantees. It even looked a little rickety. God said, “Yes, you can do this even though it’s not secure. And even if it fails, I won’t fail you. I’m growing you and taking you new places.” I can assure you that those skills I got in those four months at that start-up launched me into what I’m doing now here in San Diego. Even with the six months of unemployment after that start-up, I can see so many things God grew in me and in Kelly, making us ready for this life down here.