What is your biggest passion?

This question is something that I have truly been asking myself lately in my life. Where I feel I am in this transition in focus and priorities. I feel that my biggest passion is relationships – whether that is friends, family or community. I feel like these are things that are invaluable and give the biggest satisfaction and pleasure than anything else. You learn from other people, as well as, teach to others. Memories between you and other people are something you can always take with you wherever you go.

What does it mean to you to be a Christ Follower?

To be a Christ follower is to be a learner and a teacher in this pisteuo – belief in God. To live and walk in life with other people to disciple the word of Jesus Christ who was sacrificed for our lives.

Have you ever taken a leap of faith?

One leap of faith is relinquishing all trust and control over to God. I am someone who would be considered a control freak with a side of impatience, but rather not have the title. Believing that someone else knows truly what’s best for me when the time is right, even more than what I know.