What does it mean to you to be a Christ Follower?

To be a Christ follower means to me just that, follow Christ. My favorite phrase is “Live in the dust of the Rabbi.” To me that means to be so close to Him that I am just covered in His wake. To be where He is, and do what He does. I only hope that my walk shows in everything I do.

What do you do at Journey?

I am just now coming out of a season of hard core ministry. I had the privilege of running Journey Java. I got to see it grow from a tiny little coffee cart to a full blown coffee shop. It was a blessing to have a hand in making it what it is today: a critical part of our community. I got to help make those who do not come to church feel a little more at home and for those who come every week have a place to meet and have more community.

I also had the blessing to work within our kids’ ministry starting back when our 3-6 graders were together in Galaxy all the way to the great ministry it is now. In Club 34, I worked with some wonderfully gifted leaders and some pretty amazing kids.

What is a decision that you know God influenced?

Leaving Journey Java was one of the hardest decisions that I have made. I loved it. I love the people, the community, the leading. It took me two months to listen to God and obey. He used other people to influence the decision; people that I was a little angry at for a time. Looking back at it I see how all along it was God talking through them.

Have you ever taken a leap of faith?

The biggest leap of faith for me is something that I am working towards now. It is amazing to see how God is lining up all the little pieces. I am very excited to see what is coming next.