What is your biggest passion?

My Family – the thrill of daily figuring out what it means to live life as: a loving wife, mom, daughter, sister, auntie and friend.

What does it mean you to be a Christ follower?

Being a Christ follower is the joy of living a life of loving God and loving others.  It means following Jesus on a journey filled with adventure, mystery, challenge, awe and love.

Have you ever taken a leap of faith?

After the birth of my second daughter Luci in 1998, I realized that I had missed most of my oldest daughter’s, Gracie’s, life because I was always at work.  I loved my career, felt important and valued at work and was compensated well.  I was the main source of income for our family at the time.  But, after Luci was born, I grieved for the time lost with Gracie.  I was not close with God at the time.  Although he was in my car, I had asked Him to sit in the back seat and let me drive for awhile.  I felt Him whispering from the back seat that I needed to take a Leap of Faith and do two things: Let Him drive again and I quit my career and start a new one – Homemaker.

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