What is your biggest passion?

Helping people discover that Jesus loves them, even when they have made mistakes and are not able to present their best self to Him is my passion.

What does it mean to you to be a Christ Follower?

Being a Christ follower is a progressive revelation. As physical growth happens in stages, I believe we grow up in our faith.  As we receive more and more of the very deep love and acceptance of God, we are drawn into a relationship of tenderness with Him.  We see him as always good and always wanting good for us.  This, of course, makes us want to be more and more with him.

What was your first time at Journey like?

Being from a small church that held about 200-300 in the South Bay and then coming to Journey seemed a little large and summer camp-ish.  Fortunately, we had some friends that went to Journey and they sat with us and made us feel welcome.  People were and are very friendly here at Journey.  The music, in comparison to my previous church, was way too loud, but the message was direct and easy to follow.  It did not really feel like a church.  None of the common trappings were there.  It did feel safe, accepting, and not legalistic.  I liked it.  We stayed.