What do you do at Journey?

I have been given the privilege of serving the music community at Journey. I play keys on the worship team and behind the scenes: I direct the vocalists and arrange music. I also recently went to Haiti to serve the musicians there and with the help of several talented and generous people, I am working on a way to share recorded music between Journey and Haitian vocalists and musicians.

Have you ever taken a leap of faith?

It was the day I suddenly quit my job in the insurance industry. It was not  pre-planned, and I was upset and scared but at the same time I felt free to choose a new, completely unknown path. Just days later, my fiancé and I were invited to this church called Journey and despite my lack of musical involvement for several years, I signed up to sing in the Easter choir.

What does it mean to you to be a Christ Follower?

I have learned in recent years that being a Christ follower means dropping the act. Set aside the assumptions and listen to people. Cultural, physical and preferential differences are not to get in the way of our calling to serve one another.

What is your biggest passion?

I knew that I had a passion for music before coming to Journey, but I didn’t know what that looked like. God has used this place to show me that music is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our love for Him as well as our love for each other. More and more I see that love coming out of working with gifted, (yet sometimes underprivileged) musicians and vocalists. God has shown me that my passion in music is a multifaceted connection to Him and His people.