What is your biggest passion?

My biggest passion is to LOVE people and seeing the true them Gods calls them to be.

What does it mean to you to be a Christ follower?

It means that I listen to where, who and what Christ is leading me to and to just love one andother.

What is one decision that you know that God influenced?

To work at Cosmos! Over a year ago I hated the job I was at. I felt like I was not going anywhere in my life, with a job. I knew God wanted me with people, I am very passionate about them. I found myself draw to coffee shops and wanting to spend all my free time in them and around them. I started asking God if it meant anything and I got a big YES! I have a passion for people and taking care of them on a daily bases. I really feel like God has called me to own a coffee shop. I started asking around to see if any were hiring and Cosmos was the only one, during my interview I fall in love with what is at the core of Cosmos, the the people who work there and people that make Cosmos there home.