What does it mean for you to be a Christ Follower?

I think that being a Christ follower means that I’m trying my best to live my life in a way that looks like what Jesus did while He was here. It means believing that I am loved and that I was created with purpose. To follow Jesus looks like abandoning previous concepts of success and trusting that God has much more planned for me and those He send me to. It means risk. Being a Christ follower means I am saved by a grace I do not deserve and I have not earned. It means sharing that grace in times when it feels impossible, and trusting that the spirit in me is at work regardless of if I see it or not. To me, following Jesus means committing to community even when I feel like running away. It’s feeling joy and peace and adrenaline and heartbreak and direction and awe all at the same time. It is more then Sunday mornings, and is not limited to a building. It looks like worshipping God through my actions and choices even when He is the only one who sees. It means never being alone. It really means everything to me.