Broken record time (or skip on the CD): This was another great weekend at Journey.
•    MARKO’S MESSAGE ON “THE VALUES JOURNEY” WAS FRESH – I know there are some tough things that I’m praying through. What are my real v. aspirational values? My behavior shows what I really value… I’m not sure I’m thrilled about that. It was a great corrective to a kind of goal-obsessed spirituality that we superimpose on what’s actually in the scripture.

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•    THE INTERSECTING HISTORY OF ED & MARKO – we’ve been doing little interviews with the speakers this July to introduce or reacquaint the speakers to Journey. Makro really isn’t a “guest speaker” but we thought it would be fun to fill in some of the gaps of the story of dude’s life & to share some of the intersection of our (mine & Mark’s). He is kind of how I ended up at Journey. So blame or credit him.

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•    BABY DEDICAION – This is always a cool time at our church. One of the best things about being involved in a church, in a faith community, is how many MORE “Kairos” moments you are treated to. {Kairos: the New Testament employs more than one word for “time”. One is chronos – idea being the linier passing of time. The other is “kairos” meaning something like, moment, opportunity, time pregnant with meaning. See for example of Ephesians 5:16 for a classic & vivid usage – check out several translations} How cool is it for people to feel they want to share a moment this deep with a whole room full of people. There are times when I’m on the stage in which I can really feel love flowing from the crowd. That was one of them yesterday.

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•    WOW WORSHIP – I love when I’m almost floored by the power of a song. That happened several times this weekend.  _DSF0427 copy
•    LEADERSHIP SUMMIT IS ON THE CLOCK – I am stoked about this opportunity for us to learn, grow & be around some great leaders. I’m working like crazy to be as done with the message for next weekend as possible by Thursday so I can engage with a little less distraction.
•    SETH RINGS in SD – A long time friend & former kid in my youth group in Omaha was out this weekend. We had a great time & even got him out in the water on Saturday. The waves were pretty mellow so he came out in one piece & with a little stoke just being in the Pacific (come on, guy lives in Ohio).

Next weekend we begin a series entitled simply, “PRAYER”. If you missed the incredible promo video click here.