I love the challenge of the series in front of us. I love where it’s going and how it’s going to help us as a community. I think it’s critical that we learn how to talk to our friends, colleagues, associates, people we surf with etc. about life in the kingdom of God. Jesus did this primarily by declaring “meaning”. He pointed people to what stuff actually means and meant and often avoided convoluted arguments about rules and where to draw lines.








This weekend I continued my string of wonderfully packed weekends.


In addition to our great service, we hosted what we have called a “Leadership Connection” on Saturday morning. These usually involve some area of equipping, teaching or training of people who lead stuff at Journey or who want to think through an issue with us. We had the great opportunity to have Dr. Mark Yarhouse lead a discussion called “Sexual Identity and the 21st Century Church”. Mark directs that Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity (Click here) and is a professor at Regent University as well as a practicing therapist. It was a wonderfully helpful time of looking at how as a community of Christ followers committed to be shaped by words from scripture we can navigate these red-hot issues.



The first Sunday of each month we host a lunch and tour of Journey for those who want to look under the hood as it were. I speak about Journey’s ultimate values (God, Love, Grace) and what Journey DNA looks like. It was a spectacular time. Lots of people new to both Journey and Life with Jesus!



This is my solace for not being able to meet with people that would like to meet. At least we can hang out at Journey Java and answer questions. I’m always amused by the variety of questions and discussion topics that are brought up.



Sunday wrapped up with our monthly non-agenda worship and “Come, Holy Spirit” time called Selah. It’s so cool how God moves in ways we don’t expect.


I’m tired just writing this. But what a great weekend.