Up to now we’ve looked at the MEANING of LIFE, SUFFERING, SPORT, SEX, MARRIAGE, RESPECT and this weekend we looked at the meaning of LOVE. “If we get this wrong, it’s all for naught.” Jesus is clear in what, following our friend Scot McKnight, we’ve taken to calling the Jesus Creed (Matthew 22:36-40) that the Bible, relationship with God, even life itself is about love. So we dove into the meaning of love.


Our friend Daniel Merk-Benitez shared his My Journey. Daniel has been the creative director for our services for a bunch of years and has been instrumental in shaping who we are as a community. He relayed how God is calling him into the unknown into incarnating the love of God into the gay and lesbian community that the Spirit has given him a heart for. It will be fun to see what this looks like, as Daniel will still be around Journey, his community, albeit not on a staff role.


We concluded talking about the STANCE/ posture/ lean of love. It takes “safe-dangerous risks”. To make sense of that, well, you’ll have to listen to the message.