This was truly an epic weekend at Journey!

GENERATIONS MINISTRY OUTREACH – During the Friday night service, our generation had a “Crazy Hair” Halloweenish outreach. We had several hundred kids who had a great time. Our kids are getting our INVITE TEMP DNA in them!


POWERFUL VIDEO – We put a video together about our ministry to Collier Park. 3 Young people told their stories of how College ministry (New Format) students showed up with love and friendship. Jesus can change a lives and it’s beautiful to see. If you missed it, you’ve GOT TO check it out. Watch the video here.

SENDING – It was so cool to send out our own Dan and Debbie Bender who work with Tecate Mission International. They are training Mexican Pastors who feel called to go to North Africa. They are flying to Spain and Morocco to set this up! How cool!


POWERFUL WORSHIP – it seems to me that God is inviting us to new places in worship. Love it!


“MEANING OF MARRIAGE” … “MAKING ROOM” – In our series through 1st Corinthians called “A GLORIOUS MESS”, we entered what you could say is the second movement in the book. Chapters 1-6 is the first movement where Paul is dealing with some problems he heard about in the church. We called that movement “FIRST CALIFORNIANS”. Then he begins to respond to some questions that they had. In answering the questions, Paul’s point is that to live out God’s vision for ekklesia (church) we need to MAKE ROOM for each other.


We are spending three weekends in Chapter 7 dealing with “The Meaning of Marriage, Singleness and Divorce.” We started with Marriage.

Next week, singleness!