For me this weekend flew by. It was packed, but God met us at every turn.

MEN’S BREAKFAST – It was so fun to have breakfast outside with a bunch of our Journey guys. We ate big, got to know lots of people (I met a dozen guys for the first time), surveyed the guys as to their needs, heard a great My Journey from Jason Janik and then I shared from Ezekiel 18.

It was super fun. It didn’t hurt that a bunch of us headed to San Elijo right after for some perfect 2-4’ waves.

THANKSGIVING FOR NEEDY PEOPLE – We wanted to buy 200 T-Giving meals for people at Journey and in the community who are having a hard time. We totally CRUSHED our goal by like 2x.


WORSHIP – There is a place God is taking us in worship. It’s hard to describe, but I love it and I love getting there!



THE MEANING OF SINGLENESS – The people of Journey are pretty nice to speakers. You guys say affirming things and are open and it’s cool. But this weekend was different. The responses were intense; it felt like we struck a nerve, like we tapped into some deep pain and some jarring possibilities. In our Glorious Mess series through the New Testament book of 1st Corinthians, we are in the midst of 3 messages from the seventh chapter – The Meaning of Marriage, The Meaning of Singleness and The Meaning of Divorce. Our culture puts a lot of pressure on adults who aren’t married. That’s no secret. But communities of Christ followers can be just as bad if not worse since now the pressure has God behind it. How incongruous is it that we gather in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, who lived his entire life as a single man, studying books written by Paul of Tarsus (another single person) and assume that the community should revolve around married couples!

As I said in the opening, when the Glorious Mess that is the church, makes room for each other… it’s GLORIOUS!


Next weekend: The Meaning of Divorce