We have had 2 POWERFUL weekends at Journey. The series we’re in is about meaning. And in some senses it seemed like we went from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the “Meaning of Suffering” to “Sports”. This goes after a common misconception about life with God. We tend to think that God is very interested in things like suffering. Contrarily, our tendency is to view things like sports as really apart form things like “meaning” things like “interactive orbit” with God. But this is a pretty fundamental misapprehension of what God says about meaning. As one writer put it, “God’s not interested in my spiritual life, He’s interested in my LIFE!”


You’ve probably heard that saying, “the devil is in the details”. Well that’s also where we find God. So profound suffering or sports we say to God, “What does this mean.”


The Meaning of Suffering weekend will be remembered for Zach and Angela Riggs courageous and moving “my journey” about losing their baby son Leo to SIDS. Check out Angel’s blog here.




Our executive pastor Tic Long, the other “sports nut” on our pastoral team opened up the meaning of “Sports”.


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