Submitted by Michelle R.

For the first time in my life I made a vow to God to tithe. I’ve always given here and there. I’m the person holding up traffic giving to the guy on the corner, I’m a giving person, but have never been consistent with my tithe. It began in January. Then it really began! In February, I was on Garnet Peak with my dogs one morning. I found a baggie with $1.50 and a $10 Chic fil A gift card. Cool, I thought. Didn’t think much of it.

A week later I’m in the stairwell at work, 20 bucks laying on the stairs. The next week…a email from Costco refunding my overpayment of membership fees, I never paid my membership this year, cannot account for it. Thank you Lord for watching over me. The next week, a $589 refund from a car dealership where I had bought a truck, the DMV fees were paid up, what I paid was refunded. Thanking God now as I see his hand, his provision teaching me to trust him, its OK. He will provide.

Later that week—meeting with my counselor—she hands me my last $20 co pay check and a $70 refund, ” I think your insurance has changed, they are covering the entire session” again, I praise and thank the LORD, such small provisions but faith building none the less.

Then Monday of this week, I log into my work email and receive a notification that I am going to receive a royalty check for a book chapter I edited 2 years ago! Not only had I forgotten about the book, I never knew it was a paid job, I had agreed to do it for the “looks good on the resume” coercion from a coworker. As I am faithful, how much more so is my Father In Heaven Faithful to care for me.

In case this sounds unbelievable, I am bringing the evidence to my Leap Group Wednesday at Journey to show them. I am every day thanking God. Praising and Thanking my amazing Father in Heaven.