If you’re in high school, have a high school student in your home, or have friends in high school, then we wanted to make sure you knew, we have an AMAZING new summer camp experience we’re doing this year called “MOVE” and it’s going to be AWESOME!!!.

SUMMER CAMP SIGN UPS ARE LIVE AND READY.  SPACE IS LIMITED and 20% of our spaces are already gone.  So click this link & sign up ASAP!

WHEN?  June 28-July 3, 2015   We meet Sunday after church at 2pm and will be back at 8pm on Friday.


  • friendship and bonding experiences all week
  • day of serving the community together
  • spend friday at the beach in San Clemente with us just cuz
  • late night food runs
  • worship with an amazing band and 1400 other high school students
  • great teaching and faith stretching moments
  • laughter
  • optional tournaments and seminars
  • a life-changing… don’t miss it kinda week that you’ll LOVE!!!

WHERE?   We’re van pooling up to Biola University in Los Angeles to join 1400 high school students from churches all over the west coast for an AMAZING week of fun, laughter, friendship, seeking God, and faith stretching.

WHO? Anyone from current freshmen to graduating seniors.

HOW MUCH? $399 for the week.  (covers all your expenses except meals on Friday.)

  • knock $100 off and go for $299 if you are a summer fun camp counselor July 6-10, 2015 (e-mail if you want to sign up and apply for that)
  • A deposit of $75 holds your spot.  Payment plans are available.  Just let us know what you need and how we can help.

If you have further questions, feel free to check out the brochure in the link below or ask us in Encounter or e-mail brian.

If you’d like a print brochure, please click here to download one.