Here are some pics from last weekend at Journey and another Psalm written by Charles Roof.


At his Revealing . . .


I will rejoice before the LORD,

I will sing with thanksgiving in my heart!

For with my heart do I give thanks,

and with my lips, tell what God has done for me!


Wait for the LORD, listen for his voice,

and meditate upon his precepts.

Wait for the LORD in the night watches,

ponder the Word of Life as morning dawns!


For the LORD has washed you whiter than snow,

and put a new heart in your chest.

Indeed, he has taken away the shame in your life,

and removed the reproach of sin and pain.


I will kneel before my Creator and Redeemer!

For the LORD has brought liberty to me,

with mercy he has removed my guilt and shame,.

so joy wells up from my inner most places.

Teach me to listen for your voice,

And help me understand your ways.

For I will learn the ways of the LORD,

and remember his mercy and love.


O give thanks to the LORD,

for his mercy endures forever!

Come before the LORD with gladness,

And make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.


Copyright 2016 by Charles Phillip Roof