Maybe my favorite part of the weekend was the launch of our Sponsor a Child in Tecate ministry. We at Journey are in partnership with “HIS MINISTRIES” run by 2 of our own people, Jim & Linda Doss who work amongst the poor in Tecate, Mexico (famous for the beer named after the city… or was the city named after the… never mind).

They put together the opportunity for us to sponsor various children that they work with, like Compassion International or World Vision. The advantage, of course, these kids are just as needy, but only 45 minutes away! My friend Ken, sponsored a child with his girlfriend Michelle, & noticed that her b-day is in 2 weeks, they are already planning on getting a present to her. Maybe the 1st of her life!

As a fam, we have sponsored various kids through World Vision for a long time. We got a letter once that made all of us cry. It was from our little girl from Kenya. When she turned 18 she wrote thanking us for our help & telling us that she graduated from High School & was on her way to a good career… for the cost of 4 or 5 lattes per month!!! She’s still on the fridge by the way!

You Journey peeps adopted more kids than Jim & Linda were anticipating so they had to scramble to put together a few more for the last service people. They told me the kids were praying that someone would pick them. I think we are only just beginning.

I’m fired up about the blessing that people are going to receive, for how this is going to help change our entitled mentality as Americans, how Jim & Linda are going to be able to do a little more with this kind of support, about us getting more involved with something missions & cross-cultural AND about our families’ new member.

Small steps can be direction altering!

Meet the Noble’s new kid – I can’t wait to meet him!