The first Thursday in May is designated National Day of Prayer. It is a day that churches all over the country will designate as a day of intercession for our nation. At Journey we’ll have a lunch time prayer service & the worship center will be open for prayer all day (not that you can’t pray wherever you are, and I hope you do, but sometimes changing locations helps too). 

Here’s the prayer I wrote in my journal this morning about NDOP: 

God, I thank you for today. 

Turn my heart toward You today. Incline my heart to intercede.

Help us to repent. Help we who are the people of God to lead the way in repenting for our own sin, our own contribution to our national sins.

I specifically pray that in this election year, that You would protect this day from becoming politicized. Help us to turn to You from the Left & from the Right. Give us a vision of You. Help us to tremble before You a just God. Thank You that there is mercy with You, that You do not despise a broken & contrite Heart. Put the Spirit of Daniel in us.

Teach us to pray with that kind of intensity & earnestness. I pray that every prayer meeting at every church, in every public place, at every gathering, that the Holy Spirit would come and help those of us who do not know how to pray ought with utterance too deep for words. Teach me to “contend in prayer” for this people. 

In Jesus Name, Amen

(Scripture referred to: Psalm 130:4; Daniel 9; Romans 8:26; Psalm 51:17)