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P.S. I Love You

There is something about music that connects all of us. Something about hearing music that draws us in, inspires us, gives us emotions and words to what we are feeling. But what happens when all we’re left with are the lyrics… no sound, no tone… just words.

Stuck in the very middle of the scriptures we find one of the most intriguing books of the bible. The lyrics to 150 songs that we call the Psalms. Love, joy, doubt, anger, praise, tears, hope… all reside within these words. Join us these next weeks as we take a look into the Psalms (abbreviated PS) and listen to the resounding sound that reminds us of a God that is desperate to say “I Love You.”

May 4- PS 23 “House of God, Forever”

May 11- PS 119 “Portion”

May 18- PS 18 “Rescue”

May 25- What’s your song?