Some things you just gotta do and for me it seems like the Oasis (Brookside Church High School Ministry) retreat must be one of them. I love these guys!

Of course it’s awesome to see God move in the lives of students. There WAS a reason I did Student ministry for 2 decades!

So I flew into Omaha got off the plane to almost 60 sunny degrees. “This place isn’t so tough”. Of course I wasn’t getting out of there without the full treatment! It was great to work with Brad Zook who officially stepped up from Jr High to High School at this year’s OGN. Brad is an amazing guy who loves God and students.

It wouldn’t be OASIS without ridiculously hyper-competitive games. California’s contribution to them (besides me) is Kajabi Can Can – classic student ministry game that has sent more than a few kids to the hospital.

But, what keeps me coming back is the chance to be a part of ministry that God’s hand is on in a powerful way. I’m always blown away by the number of volunteers, their commitment and their love for the kids they lead.

Saturday morning was one of those do the talk that the Lord thru at me from John 11 while I was falling off to sleep. Of course, it was probably my favorite. Saturday night was one of those killer retreat moments – a dozen of the 180 that were there gave their lives to Christ and the Spirit released a willingness to surrender to Jesus that was SWEET!

There is another factor that’s kind of hard to put into words and pretty difficult to explain. It’s weird that a guy that’s lived most of his life in So Cal has such affection for Omaha Nebraska. For me it’s all about God working deeply in people’s lives. I’m actually speaking at this retreat and realize right there in the front row is the daughter of a guy that I saw come to Jesus when HE was in high school and was even the best man in his wedding. In a weird way I love it that Tom Ostrem’s son comes up to me and says, “My dad says ‘hi’! Not sure if this is make sense but I’m feeling it! Life’s about 2 things – God and people.

Of course it’s also cool to have so many world-class friends in Omaha!

25 degrees??? Bring it!!!