There is no way around it: this part of the Scripture sounds weird. In our Series through 1 Corinthians we are in “act 3” which we are calling “SUPERNATURAL” the apostle Paul is talking about subjects like speaking in tongues, prophecy, miracles etc. They had a tendency to take something they were taught to an unhealthy place and they had gone a little cuckoo bananas in the area of “Xarismata” (normally translated “spiritual gifts”).


But there is a bigger point that Paul was making, a vision for the gathering of God’s people that includes those making their way toward God.


That’s what we were trying to get at as we put my excellent penmanship to use.


The abuse doesn’t negate the use and we neglect “pneumatikos” (the Spirit stuff) to our and our community and our world’s detriment.

There were some moments we sensed the Wind of God blowing during worship!